A World of Experiences: Frostburg's CoB GEL

The College of Business' Global Experiential Learning [CoB GEL] program provides educational opportunities for students, faculty and staff that promote learning throughout the world. These opportunities include: faculty-led short-term study abroad trips with students, visiting international scholars, international teaching opportunities, semester study abroad, students in global internships, international conference participation, and other similar experiences.
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The FSU Experience Ecuador group toured Cuenca, Ecuador on a double decker bus.  Cuenca has a very European-style flair about its historic downtown center as seen from the photograph above.  Many expats from the United States and elsewhere have come to call Cuenca home after retirement.

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FSU students exploring one of Quito’s many parks……

Alex Cabrera, manager of English Means Business, and Isabelle Nanin of World Endeavors speaking with FSU students on leadership back in Quito.

Building relationships is very important in Ecuador and throughout Latin America. The gentleman here talked about a cooperative style business venture with eleven other merchants. They rotate booths at a popular Ecuadorian tourist destination in Quito and pay jointly for miscellaneous overhead. This man was the former President of the association. Here he is pictured with Dr. McClellan after creating a small lizard from clay and gave to Dr. M as a gift—thus forming a friendship.

And this just happened to be at the top of a volcano—-how cool ?!?!

Students from Frostburg State University discuss leadership topics with students at the Universidad del Azuay in Cuenca, Ecuador.  Students from both countries were in agreement on what qualities differentiate a good leader from a bad leader.


FSU Professor Dr. Jeff McClellan lecturing on leadership and coaching at the Universidad del Azuay in Cuenca, Ecuador.  The 2 hour lecture was given entirely in Spanish to a very attentive audience.



Bright lights, beautiful Shanghai #fsucobgel #china


Dumpling party with Chinese students! #fsucobgel

…and a few feet north of the equator……

….and just a few feet into the Southern Hemisphere…..